Portfolio Category: Manufacturing

Design – Spud Barge

A client Approached us to convert an existing barge into a spud barge. Spud barge's are commonly used for transportation down rivers, they used giant pylons to anchor to the bottom, instead of a traditional mooring. As per the client's request, we design the system to use tower crane sections as the structure containing the...
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Design – Industrial Platform

Client's often approach us to engineer and design specific industrial platforms. Pictured is an industrial platform that we designed to allow enhanced maintenance access to trucks and equipment. We produced at full set of sealed fabrication drawings accompanied by engineering documentation to comply with relevant regulations....
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Design – Spreader Beam

A company approached us to design an all-purpose spreader beam with a capacity of 180 Tonnes. We produced a relatively simple design and were able to verify the capacity using FEA software. The final product is used in the manufacturing industry to transport a variety of large structures....
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