Crane Design / Modification

While Kova Engineering has a wide range of capabilities, we specialize in crane design and certification. Our vast knowledge base of cranes and the construction industry gives us a competitive and innovative edge over our competitors. Some of our capabilities include:

Mobile cranes

  • Mount and chassis design for vehicles
  • Jib attachment design
  • Outrigger modification

Tower cranes

  • Anchor design
  • Transition design
  • Tie-back design/placement
  • Jib sign design

Additional Capabilities

We have a diverse engineering department, with experience in mechanical, metallurgical, civil and structural engineering. This broadens our capabilities to undertake a variety of projects, including:

  • Temporary bridges (ramps and construction access)
  • Industrial structures
  • Machinery and mechanism design
  • Rail and road vehicles

If you require crane modifications or attachments Contact us now.

Examples Machinery / Crane Design

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