Crane Placement and Foundation Design

Our expansive knowledge base in all types of cranes combined with our civil engineering experience allows us to excel at crane placement and foundation design.


We work closely with all our clients to assess foundation reaction forces, soil conditions and other site-specific factors to develop rock-solid equipment foundation designs. We will help you:

  • Select the right crane for the job.
  • Find the best location for your crane.
  • Determine the erection/dismantling process.
  • Calculate foundation reaction forces.
  • Tower crane tie-back design and positioning.
  • Analyze your derrick crane with loads applied on the building structure.
  • Self-erecting crane placements on or above grade.
  • Determine the re-shoring required for your crane on slab.

Need a well-designed, reliable and cost-effective equipment foundation? Contact us now.

Examples of Crane Placement and Foundation Design

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