Scaffolding and Reshoring Design

Our team of professional engineers and technologists have extensive experience in the scaffolding and reshoring industry and we work with our clients to identify their precise requirements and offer viable solutions to meet their unique needs. We strive to ensure that clients remain satisfied and confident with their final products. When working with you, our team’s experience and expertise will ensure a final design that meets your requirements in a timely manner and within budget.

Types of Scaffolding and Reshoring

Analysis, design, drawings and engineering certification can be provided for:

  • System Scaffolds
  • Frame Scaffolds
  • Tube and Clamps
  • Scaffold Systems
  • Scaffolding Erection
  • Shoring
  • Formwork

We can ensure new or existing scaffold meets Occupational Health and Safety legislation and CSA standards. Contact us now to get started.

Examples of Scaffolding and Reshoring

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