Kova Engineering Ltd. has an Aerospace division in our Vancouver facility and have partnered with Servo Aerospace to be the leaders in the Aviation field. (AMO 86-03)
Our Facility uses a Wet Continuous Mag Particle bench  (Full Wave DC).
This bench can extend to 96 inches with a maximum head shot of 5000 amperes (Circulation Magnetization),  which makes it perfect for performing MPI on helicopter masts or other large components.

Maximum Coil Diameter of 20 inches. 5 turns, maximum current of  25,000 ampere turns (Longitudinal Magnetization).

We also have mobile capabilities with our Mag Particle Yoke and Portable Ultra Violet kit.  Making it easy to perform on site inspections.

We have the capability to perform the following types of FPI procedures:

Method – A – Fluorescent Water Washable Penatrant
Method – B – Fluorescent Post Emulsifiable Lipophilic
Method – C – Solvent Removable
Method – D – Post Emulsifiable Hydrophilic

Larger FPI tanks allow us to dip large objects that require full immersion for proper penetrant coverage

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